Medical Malpractice Tampa Bay Attorney


Factors To Consider Before Filing A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Clearwater, FL


Our clients’ malpractice cases are filed in Clearwater (Pinellas County), the Tampa Bay Area, and West Central Florida, but the following considerations apply to malpractice cases filed anywhere. We encourage you to consider these factors when seeking an attorney for this type of litigation:

First, consider the severity of your injury. Regardless of whether you intend to file Clearwater malpractice lawsuit or a malpractice suit Hillsborough, Pasco, Hernando, Citrus, Polk or Manatee County, the cost of this type of litigation is so high (typically, $75,000 or more) that most experienced malpractice lawyers will only take cases involving severe permanent injuries or death. If you are uncertain as to whether your injury is permanent or sufficiently severe to merit litigation, please contact the Clearwater medical malpractice firm of H. Dennis Rogers, P.A. (727-475-4273) for a free no-obligation consultation.

Second, consider whether there is any evidence, such as a medical record or x-ray, indicating that your injury was caused by medical negligence (malpractice), that is, by the carelessness of a doctor or other healthcare provider. According to Florida law, a bad treatment outcome alone is not evidence of malpractice; there must be evidence that the bad outcome was caused by a health care provider’s careless error, i.e., by a breach of the standard of reasonable care under the circumstances. If you hire an attorney to pursue malpractice litigation in Clearwater or anywhere else in Florida, the attorney is required by law to conduct a thorough investigation, including review of your care by a qualified medical expert. But that investigation cannot be performed without sufficient evidence; medical experts cannot support a case unless they are shown medical records, x-rays, laboratory reports or other medical information indicating that malpractice substantially caused a patient’s injury or death. Therefore, you should gather what information you can to support your claim and then contact an attorney who specializes in litigating medical malpractice cases.

If you or a family member have suffered a serious injury during medical treatment but are not certain that it resulted from malpractice, please contact the law firm of H. Dennis Rogers, P.A. at 888-810-5155 for a free no-obligation consultation to determine if an experienced Clearwater medical malpractice attorney can help you.