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Finding The Best Malpractice Attorney


If you are searching for a Clearwater medical malpractice law firm, it is likely a time of pain, anguish and disabling injury for you or a loved one. Your selection of a Clearwater medical malpractice attorney is important and can have a significant impact on your health care and personal finances for the rest of your life. Your decision process should, at the very least, be methodical and organized—you want to have all the facts when making your selection.

Note that everywhere in Florida, including Clearwater, most medical malpractice attorneys work on a contingency basis (i.e., they charge no fees or costs unless and until they obtain a settlement or judgment for you). Therefore, the attorney who reviews your case must examine all facets of the case to determine if it warrants litigation. Because medical malpractice cases are the most expensive, time-consuming and complex type of personal injury litigation, the attorney who reviews your case must carefully evaluate the evidence of negligence (malpractice) and the nature of the damages caused by the negligence (death, disability, pain, financial loss, medical costs, etc.).

Malpractice attorneys – The characteristics you should seek in a lawyer

When looking for legal counsel, you should inquire whether an attorney is:

Experienced in medical malpractice: Some attorneys who advertise for medical malpractice cases do not have the experience to personally litigate such cases and must refer them to other attorneys for proper handling. It is no small commitment for any Clearwater medical malpractice lawyer to work in this area. A competent medical malpractice attorney should have sufficient experience to understand both the medical and legal issues of your case. Your Clearwater malpractice attorney can only acquire this from years of work in this area.

Experienced in a broad range of cases: To properly evaluate malpractice cases involving various types of medical injuries and conditions, a Clearwater malpractice lawyer should have a broad range of experience in cases arising out of different types of injuries and conditions. The attorney should also have experience in litigating malpractice cases against various types of medical specialists, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals and their insurance companies.

Credentialed and recognized: To assist the public in evaluating a lawyer’s expertise and character, LexisNexis, a national organization, publishes the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory and Martindale-Hubbell Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. The attorney ratings in the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory are based upon peer review of the attorney by other attorneys in his community. Other organizations, such as the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, recognize attorneys for their achievements in litigation.

Well funded: Because a Clearwater medical malpractice lawyer may invest hundreds of hours and tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars in a single medical malpractice case, you should choose a malpractice firm that has the financial capability to adequately fund the litigation of your case. You can ask about this when interviewing Clearwater malpractice lawyers.

Familiar with the opposition: Some lawyers spend their entire careers working only for plaintiffs (patients) or for defendants (healthcare providers). We believe that plaintiffs’ attorneys who have prior experience defending hospitals and doctors have a better insight into the tactics and motivations of the opposing attorneys than those who do not.

As a final point, your attorney should discuss your needs and expectations concerning your malpractice case. Malpractice litigation may be protracted and may require you to disclose personal information about your medical history, family relationships, and other matters. You have a right to know this before malpractice litigation is filed on your behalf.

If you are searching for a medical malpractice attorney in Clearwater, please contact the law firm of H. Dennis Rogers, P.A. at 888-810-5155. We have the experience, credentials, and resources to handle any type of medical malpractice case against any type of health care provider.